Saturday, June 16, 2007

This week's menu

Saturday: We came home from our bucolic ramble hungry and without groceries. So strawberries with a side of grilled cheese for everyone!
Sunday: Taco night! Always gets an exclamation point at our house. Don't know why. These will be ground turkey tacos with tortillas and salsa verde from our favorite Mexican market. Thought of doing fish tacos. Then thought about all that deep frying in this hot muggy weather.
Monday: Papa Bean will be out of town, so the little beans will enjoy leftover tacos while Mama Bean gets an avocado/buttermilk soup treat. This will be my favorite night of the week.
Tuesday: We've got a babysitter. So I'll make some pizzas for her to cook.
Wednesday: Have to use up those collards, so we'll rely on the classic white bean/sausage/hearty green combination.
Thursday: I've got an evening meeting. Papa Bean will man the kitchen. Pasta, probably.
Friday: Butterflied chicken on the grill. A spicy rub?

I also need to restock the freezer with challah, pancakes, waffles, pizza dough, and rye bread. I may rethink that given the weather.

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