Saturday, July 14, 2007

NYT celebrates Super Mom

She works! She cooks dinner! She only gets takeout one night a week!

I'm sure the blogosphere has already pilloried this woman for her weekly takeout and 2,000-word article on one of the most basic aspects of parenting. (Freelance writers out there are also counting those words with dollar signs.)

But heck, that's what countless bloggers themselves are covering, and in even more painfully intimate detail. And, as the TLC can attest: We relish the details of ordinary people's lives.

Her advice boils down to good stuff:
1. Plan meals weekly.
2. Know some quick (far less than 30-minute) weeknight meals.
3. Assemble-your-own is good; short-order cook is bad.
4. Relax and enjoy takeout -- or cereal, or pasta with store-bought sauce, or whatever your deepest culinary sin -- every once in a while. From what I hear, once-a-week takeout is unheard-of restraint in New York City.

And, I need one more colon: Why did it take me until Saturday to see Wednesday's article? Oh, yeah. I had to actually work hard this week. Thank goodness for those Fourth of July leftovers that got us through the early part of the week and the freezer that got us through the end.

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