Monday, July 2, 2007

Some things learned while feeding the beans last week

1. Kohlrabi is "even better than carrots!" (Phew! It was getting mighty lonely eating that box of veggies all by ourselves.)

2. The surface area of a pound of gemelli is roughly half that of a pound of elbow macaroni. How do I know that? The half batch of cheese sauce now in my freezer, left over from the mac and cheese.

3. A single speck of green will ruin -- ruin! -- the Little Bean's enjoyment of his favorite food, meatballs. It will cause him to instruct me to "take da veggie out!" and lead to stupid, pigheaded arguments like, "No, if you don't like it, you take it out." "No, you!" "No, you." And so on.

4. Nothing tastes better than a picnic at the park on Friday afternoon, menu be damned.

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