Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Box! Week 3

You know what I'm not? A photographer.

But documenting the week's haul photographically is already fun. See, looks like the same pile of green stuff as last week, right? Except, hey, what are those curly things over there? And, could that really be three massive kohlrabi? And look at that: the year's first and possibly only bag of sugar snap peas.

This week: red and butter leaf lettuce, radishes, kohlrabi, sugar snap peas, garlic scapes (the curly things -- you cut them off the tops of the radish to encourage fat, healthy bulbs), spinach, broccoli, and... I must be forgetting something. I've mislaid the newsletter and I'm too lazy to get up and open the fridge.

The Beans love these.

So much that I remember a tantrum the Big Bean threw at the farmer's market last year, when I told her she could pick anything she wanted. She chose "peas peek out of the pod," but, alas, it was late July. That's a hard lesson in seasonal eating right there.

Yep, still not a photographer.

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