Sunday, July 15, 2007

At least they comped our tickets

No Ratatouille for me. I did get to see the first ten minutes or so. And then a little voice piped up from beside me: "I'm ready to take a little break out in the lobby, like you said we could."

So we sat in the lobby, eating popcorn and listening for what sounded like a pretty exciting sequence to end before we gave it another try. We sat back down just as Remy found his way into Gusteau's kitchen. The poor rat gets stepped on, nearly drowned, nearly baked with a chicken, nearly burned under a gas stove -- totally harmless and fun from an adult's point of view, but too intense and scary and fast-moving for my delicate Big Bean. This time the little voice came from the vicinity of my sternum, where her face was buried.

Apparently four-and-a-half is a little too young for Pixar.

Too bad. I was hoping my aspiring pastry chef would be inspired. I had talked it up by comparing it to The Mice of Bistrot des Sept Freres, which she loves.

And no ratatouille for me: No eggplant or tomatoes in The Box yet. But we did get our first zucchini this week. Time for me to upload the last few weeks' photos, no?

We did get the first basil and I know green beans must be on their way. You know what that means: Soupe au pistou!

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