Wednesday, July 23, 2008

50.5 meals: Some observations

Because I'm apparently in a list-making mood:

1. Man, we eat an awful lot of chicken and turkey.

2. Sandwiches, unless they're pressed in the waffle iron, don't seem to go over well.

3. Neither do soups. The Big Bean and I love pho, but that's far from a quick weeknight dinner, unless we get takeout. I love cold beet soup. The husband likes it. The kids think I'm trying to put something over on them. Maybe I am.

4. I usually cook way too much for dinner--too many dishes, too much of each. In truth, the kids fill up on lunch and snacks at school and the husband and I eat lunches that are plenty big. I need to get back to single dishes and to thinking of the evening meal as supper, something to tide us over until breakfast.

5. But I like having lots of little dishes on the table, so that may never happen.

6. And I like leftovers, because that's what I eat for lunch and what I'll probably start packing for the kids in the fall. So scratch all that.

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