Sunday, July 13, 2008

Further embarrassment -- warranted?

I last updated the "This weeks' menu" feature in the sidebar exactly a year ago. How do I know it was exactly one year ago? The menus are almost identical:


Saturday: Birthday party
Sunday: Fish, grilled zucchini, lemon sherbet
Monday: Chicken fingers, cole slaw
Tuesday: Cheesy pasta
Wednesday: Fennel pasta
Thursday: School carnival
Friday: Taco night!


Birthday party
Sunday: Dinner with friends
Monday: Just me and the kids: hot dogs, zucchini cheese soup?
Tuesday: Chard, sausage, and white beans on polenta
Wednesday: Garlic scape pasta
Thursday: School carnival
Friday: Shabbat: pizza

So both menus are for the third week in July--our friend M's birthday, the school carnival, and zucchini in the CSA box. In fact, originally I was going to grill this year's zucchini on Sunday, with some flank steak, until we got the invitation to eat with friends.

Pasta with pesto--fennel or garlic scape is a pretty typical CSA meal for us. And B must have been traveling this week in 2007, just like in 2008, because Monday and Tuesday look an awful lot like "just me and the kids meals." Also, our shabbat dinner rotations haven't changed much: still lots of taco night and pizza.

So, embarrassed I've decided to jump back in and keep this updated after a year? Embarrassed I'm still feeding my family exactly the same way? Nah. No time for that.

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