Monday, July 14, 2008

50.5 quick family dinners you'll love, your kids will love, and you wouldn't be embarrassed to admit in a surprise interview (cf: dino nuggets)

Phew. That's a long name. We could just say 50.5 Quick Family Dinners. Why 50.5? Because, while I'm inspired by Mark Bittman's 101 lists, I knew I could never make it all the way to 101. So I decided halfway was good enough. Today, I give you 1-10.

1. Bibimbap
Or, your own version of this Korean classic: rice topped with cooked spinach or any other vegetables, a fried egg, and the ketchup of the Asian world--Hoisin sauce

2. Sicilian vinegar chicken
This is from Nigella Lawson: soften a whole mess of onions in a big pot, pile on chicken thighs, then more or less equal parts vinegar, white wine, and chicken broth. Simmer veeeerrry low for 40 minutes.

3. Chicken tenders
Bread 'em and bake 'em, couldn't be easier.

4. Roasted chicken legs
If you think of it, put them in buttermilk overnight. If you don't, oh well, bake them at about 400 degrees for about 45 minutes.

5. Lettuce cups
Ground meat + fish sauce (not too much, in my house) + lime + salt + cilantro, serve it wrapped up in lettuce. You can also stir in rice noodles.

6. Taco night!
Taco night! always has an exclamation point in my house. Do it right, with cumin- and chili-seasoned ground meat, or take just about anything in your fridge--leftover chicken tenders, leftover thighs, sausages, hot dogs, stew... we call that:

7. Wrap up the leftovers
Anything can be wrapped up in tortillas. Anything.

8. Pancakes and breakfast sausage
I say it's a treat for the kids, but we know who's looking forward to Breakfast night! most.

9. Turkey mini-burgers
Why are they more fun when they're smaller? They just are. The trick is finding mini-buns.

10. Turkey meatballs
Cumin and coriander are the tricks to tasty turkey. That's a trick from Romanian carnegila.

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