Monday, July 14, 2008


I just remembered we have leftover steak for dinner. This is making my afternoon so much better.

It turns out we did have dinner at home last night, so: grilled flank steak with make-do chimichurri sauce in pitas, Big Salad with hakurei turnips, grilled pineapple, cherries. And I can have a complete reprise of the meal tonight, if I so choose. And I think I just might.

Make-do chimichurri sauce

Toss in the food processor:
three big handfuls of arugula
two big handful garlic scapes, roughly chopped
one big handful roughly chopped scallions

While the processor runs, pour in a thin stream of:
good olive oil
fresh lemon juice

(Why is this a make-do sauce? Because garlic scapes and arugula were in the CSA box, and parsley and garlic were not.)

Big Bean: Thumbs down
Little Bean: Are you kidding?
Mama and Papa: Who cares what the Beans think? Yum.

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